Exciting News! We have been working with Friends of Fred to bring Food Trucks to our neighborhood.

Mark your calendars! There will be two food trucks coming out on Monday April 6th from 5 – 8 pm along Andscott Drive and Jefferson Street (where the large pond is.) This location is pretty large and will help with social distancing.

If this works out, we will bring in a couple of food trucks every week, please check back for more details!

Please view the pictures for the menus of Simply Divine Cupcakes and GrumpY Gring0 Food Truck. You can pre-order cupcakes and use truck #1661. Additionally if you are planning to dine at GrumpY Gring0 Food Truck you can place an order over the phone (or text is the best for them) at 317-772-0833 and they’ll reply when it’s ready. (Please don’t send order until after 4:30 on Monday)

View their menus: