Mailboxes are the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain and replace when damaged with mailboxes and posts that meet the POA’s requirements. In addition, please do not block mailboxes with your vehicles! You and your neighbors may have mail delivery service suspended.

Per the United States Post Office:

“Not many things will stop a U.S. Postal Service carrier from completing his or her delivery route, but trash cans, cars and other obstacles can stop delivery in its tracks.

It’s the goal of Postal Service carriers to deliver the mail safely and efficiently every day. However, a trash can or parked car will occasionally get in the way. This not only creates an unsafe condition for carriers but slows down mail delivery.

The Postal Service is asking for the public’s assistance in keeping the approach to residential mailboxes clear to facilitate delivery. If the approach to the mail receptacle is temporarily blocked by a parked vehicle or other obstacle during normal delivery hours for the area, the carrier has to step out of the vehicle to make the delivery, potentially creating a hazard.

The Postal Service will do its best to deliver the mail. However, if the carrier continually experiences a problem delivering the mail and the customer does not take prompt action to remove the obstacle, the postmaster may, with proper notification and the approval of the district manager, temporarily withdraw delivery service until the problem is corrected.

The best way to keep the mail flowing and avoid injury is prevention, so the Postal Service is asking that customers help its employees provide the best service they can, as safely as possible.”

Should your mailbox become damaged, it is your responsibility to make sure it is put back up in the same location as it was before the damage. Some home owners insurance policies will cover such damages.  Please check with your insurance company prior to filing a claim. It must be in compliance with the original design.  No other style is to be used.

If you mailbox is deteriorating due to the elements, it is your responsibility to refurbish or replace it with the same style.

Here are the names of two local vendors who do replacement mailboxes for Sugar Bush Farms:

Update 7/11/17: Otto’s Streetscape Solutions has provided Sugar Bush Farms residents with specially discounted rates. Here is their flyer.

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