In our neighborhood meeting we talked a lot about safety (as there have been several break-ins and thefts in nearby neighborhoods) and I thought I’d send along a few things to help keep our neighborhood safe.

1.  Close your garage doors whenever you are not in your yard and especially at night!  I cannot tell you how many garage doors I see open at night when I am walking my dog.  You may think our neighborhood is safe (and IT IS), however let’s not invite crime by leaving our garage door open.  Several home invasions throughout Indianapolis have been made possible because someone left their garage doors open.
2.  There are verified links between run-down neighborhoods and crime.  Let’s try to follow the covenants and keep our yards and shrubs neatly trimmed,d toys and trash picked up and get to know your neighbors!  If you see something suspicious, don’t hesitate to call them and ask.
3.  If you don’t want it to get stolen-don’t leave it in open view in your car.  Several car break-ins have been reported in the last few months in Brownsburg neighborhoods and this can be prevented by simply putting valuables out of sight (or taking them inside your home).  Thieves are looking for purses, backpacks, electronics, drugs, fire arms and garage door openers. (Never leave a garage door opener in a care that is parked outside.)  Please don’t leave these items in your car.  Also keep mail and other personal items out of sight.
4.  The media harps on the “If you see something-say something”–and it IS true.  Brownsburg/Hendricks County has a non-emergency police p hone number specifically for this purpose (317)-852-1109.  If it is not an emergency but it is concerning-call them!  I have utilized this number several times and I am thankful our Brownsburg Police are willing to investigate things like suspicious cars, panhandlers, criminal mischief or fights.

Thank you neighbors!  Let’s continue to strive to keep Sugar Bush Farms a safe community.

Katie Rigsby