Within the last few weeks the Town of Brownsburg has erected NO PARKING signs on the curve along the community park on Sugar Bush Lane North.  These signs will make it easier for residents to navigate the curve when there is oncoming traffic and it will also allow drivers to have a clearer view of children entering or exiting the park.  We appreciate the Town assisting Sugar Bush Farms with keeping our community children safe.

Also as a reminder, it is illegal in the State of Indiana to park going against the flow of traffic.  Indiana Code Title 9 Motor Vehicles 9-21-16-7 states the following:  Sec. 7 . (a) Except as provided in subsection (b) and except where angle parking is permitted by local ordinance for streets under local control and by order of the Indiana department of transportation on streets and highways in the state highway system, including routes through cities and towns, a vehicle stopped or parked upon a roadway where there is an adjacent curb must be stopped or parked with the right-hand wheels of the vehicle parallel with and within twelve (12) inches of the right-hand curb.

Notice that it specifically requires you to park within 12 inches of the curb that is on the right, not the left. Indiana Code 9-21-8 states “Upon each roadway of sufficient width, the driver of a vehicle shall drive the vehicle upon the right half of the roadway…”.  By parking on the left, it would require you to drive on the left side of the roadway, violating this law. Section 5 of the same Indiana Code also states that it is illegal to park on a sidewalk, in or in front of a private driveway, 15 feet of a fire hydrant, in an intersection or a crosswalk, within 50 feet of a railroad crossing, on an elevated structure and in places where stopping or parking is prohibited.