Dear Homeowner:

A special meeting of the Sugar Bush Farms Property Owners Association is scheduled

for Tuesday, October 27th, 2020 at 6PM, and will be held at Bundy Lodge (located in

Arbuckle Acres Park). Masks or other face coverings will be required, and social

distancing protocols will be observed.

The purpose of the meeting will be to vote on a proposed increase in the annual

assessment, from $155.00 per lot to $185.00 per lot. The annual assessment has not

increased in over 20 years, and the POA Board has been able to avoid an increase by

delaying expenses and using reserve funds to cover emergency expenses.

Unfortunately, increases in common area maintenance fees, insurance rates, and

looming repairs will deplete the reserve fund quickly, so the Board is asking for a

small increase to offset these increases.

You may only vote in one of two ways: (1) in person at the meeting, or (2) via proxy

(where the proxy will be present and vote at the meeting).

If you are unable to attend the meeting, please be sure to complete the attached

proxy form and return the proxy in one of the following ways:

1) Mail the proxy to Sugar Bush Farms at

Sugar Bush Farms POA

P.O. Box 34564

Indianapolis, IN 46234

2) Send the proxy via email to

3) Give the proxy to a board member, or another homeowner who plans to attend

the meeting. The proxy holder can bring the completed, signed proxy to the meeting.

If you wish to approve the annual assessment increase, you can simply sign your

proxy form and leave the name of the proxy holder blank. By default, a Board

Member will become your proxy, and vote “yes” to approve the increase.

The success of the vote will depend on the Homeowners’ participation in the Special

Meeting, so please plan to attend or vote by proxy. YOUR PARTICIPATION IS

IMPORTANT! Please direct any questions or concerns via email to or by phone to me at 317-626-6782.


Whitney Kahl Jenkins

Secretary, Sugar Bush Farms POA